Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meopta Meostar 12x50 HD Binocular

From Michal in Boston, MA:

5/5 Rating

Slightly heavier, but well worth it

At this price point, you can expect every binocular you receive to be high quality. This  is no different. It is heavier than its competitors, but the included neck strap did a great job eliminating any strain I was anticipating when on a hike. 

What drew me towards these binoculars is their claim that their glass eliminated all chromatic aberration (CA), and were ideal for low-light settings. I was taught by Mike from Eagle Optics that all roof prism binoculars had some degree of CA, but I decided to pull the trigger. 

Looking through these binoculars provided the "WOW" factor I was looking for! The colors jump out at you, and the image was razor sharp from edge to edge, literally. The entire field of view was sharp. In low-light settings, these binoculars really stood out. I was able to see a surprising amount of color even after the sun set. 

Most impressive was the fact that my eyes never felt strained when looking through them. I can look through these binoculars for hours. When I used these binoculars to look at high contrast images, like a snowy rock or up at the moon, I was shocked to see very little CA (just a bit on the far edge of the field of view). 

I wanted a binocular that I can use for every setting, including astronomy, where eliminating CA is key. When I mounted the Meopta's on a tripod and pointed them to the sky, I was rewarded with a beautiful display of stars and the moon that appeared crystal clear without any CA. 

I was left speechless. While they are heavier, and need a tiny bit of extra effort to focus, these binoculars are exactly what I wanted. A beautiful and bright image at all hours of the day. 

If you do not mind the extra weight, look no further. These binoculars are a keeper. 

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