Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vortex Viper 8x28 Binocular

From Ron R. in Minnesota:

5/5 Rating

Very pleased

My wife and I are birders who take binoculars almost everywhere we go, including kayaking, backpacking, and cross-country skiing, so we’ve spent a lot of time using compact binoculars.  We both love our larger Vortex Viper models (8x42 & 10x42) so when I needed a new pair of compacts I looked at the  first.  

This is the third model of good quality compacts that I have owned over the last 40 years (plus about a half-dozen cheapo compacts), and I believe these are the nicest.  I’ve had them a little less than a month, but I use them daily.  

I strongly agree with other reviewers regarding their great optics, very light weight, more than adequate eye relief (I wear eyeglasses), and good close focus (I measured it at 7 to 7.5 feet).  In addition, I find them very easy to use with one hand, with my index finger naturally falling on the large focus knob.  

I live in Minnesota, so I tested them in cold conditions.  After acclimating them to about -5 degrees F, the focus knob still turned easily, unlike another quality brand compact I have owned.  The focus knob is large enough to operate easily while wearing moderately heavy gloves, too.  

Finally, the center hinge is tight enough to hold whatever angle you put them at, unlike many of the dual-hinge compacts that are hard to get into, and to keep at, the optimal configuration for a user’s eyes.  The only complaint I have is that the Vipers don’t fold up as small as dual-hinge models, but given the inherent drawbacks of the dual-hinge design, I’m happy to live with the slightly bulkier Viper 8x28 model.  

Mine came with individual objective lens caps, a rain-guard for the eyepieces, neck strap, and soft case.  Now my wife is considering buying a pair to replace her still-functional compacts, too.

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