Friday, January 29, 2016

Leica Ultravid HD-PLUS 7x42 Binocular

From Beth in New Jersey:

5/5 Rating


I was a little concerned about the lower power after using 8x for several years. However, there are nice benefits to 7x42 such as larger exit pupil (6mm), better depth of field, wider true field of view and slightly longer eye relief.  

The  works really well with my eyeglasses and there's no fuss aligning the image to my eyes due to the big exit pupil. Also, I noticed right away there is just a little less shake to the image (compared to 8x) which provides a calmer view.  

The typical Leica colors and pop to the image are still there along with a bit more brightness.  The image is wonderful with virtually no chromatic aberration; totally absent in the center of the view and visible only on the edges, but very minor/subtle and essentially not noticeable when bird watching; the image is overall clean and sharp.  

It’s an expensive binocular but one that is built to last and has a very nice feel. The mechanics, fit, and finish of the UV+ are real nice reflecting high quality.  Now I don’t think I could go back to 8x42 after experiencing such a nice comfortable view with 7x42.  

The  is the best binocular I’ve used with eyeglasses and overall best quality.  

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