Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Minox BV II 10x25 BR Binocular

From Thomas in Seattle, WA:

5/5 Rating

Great buy

I picked up the Minox BV II 10x25 BR Binocular, and LOVE them. The color and light collection are excellent.  

On my last trip to the ocean, with the 10 X 25 I was able to see the greenish yellow leg color of the Least Sandpipers; I was not able to see it with the 8 X 25 Pentax I had, so the 10 power really helped.

With any 10 x 25 the issue is small field of view. It makes following the jumps and small flights of quick warblers, kinglets and such a little difficult. To compensate, I practiced aiming at objects to get used to aiming the binoculars quickly, and it got much better with practice.  

The 4 stop eyecup adjustment for glasses is a bonus; I don't wear glasses, but my daughter and wife do, so when we shared them looking at seals from the ferry it was nice to be able to quickly adjust the eyecups.  

I'm so impressed I'm probably going to be looking at a pair of Minox 10X42's here pretty soon. The nice neoprene strechy neck strap is an uncommon bonus for a compact pair of binoculars too.  
I wish they came with a rain guard, but what compact binoculars come with a rain guard?

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