Monday, August 10, 2015

Meopta Meopro HD 8x32 Binocular

From Kemer T. in San Diego:

5/5 Rating

It pays to listen

I recently purchased the , thanks to advice from Eagle Optics and in spite of the absence of reviews to serve as the basis for some comparison. Indeed, Meopta seems to be a company that is better known in hunting circles than birding, with very few reviews available through the Internet. Meopta is a venerable optical manufacturer that started in what was Czechoslovakia and is now international, with an assembly factory in New York.

They have an understated elegance that is an improvement over Meopta’s rather baroque look for their Meostar series. The rubber finish provides an excellent grip. Subtle indentations on the bottom of the barrels fit the thumbs nicely and I find these to have excellent balance overall. The diopter adjustment is on the right barrel; although it doesn’t lock, it is plenty stiff and not likely to accidentally move. I especially like the focuser: large and very responsive. My only nit is a case that is so tight you can’t reasonably get the binoculars in and out.

I can’t provide a comparison with current competing high-end binoculars. To be realistic, the top offerings are all pretty spectacular, and some are spectacularly expensive. My older binoculars were Nikon’s top-end 8x42s from a dozen years ago. I have had no complaints with them, other then their weight. However, advances in optical glass and design have really come a long way and to my surprise and delight the Meopro 8x32 HD optically matches or exceeds the old Nikon 8x42s. In fact, they have a slightly wider field of view and seem to have more definition in low light. This is a testament to the glass and optical coatings: theoretically, the 8x42s gather 72% more light than 8x32s. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Meopro 8x32 HD qualifies as “high-end” in finish and performance, and achieve that at a reasonable price. I’m glad I listened to the recommendation from the Eagle Optics advisor.

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