Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vortex Viper HD 8x32 Binocular

From George in NJ:

4/5 Rating

Viper 8x32 grows on you!

Bought the Vortex Viper HD 8x32 Binocular through Eagle Optics in the fall of 2014, during my early days as a bird watcher...prior to understanding best method for locating birds. 

Then, I relied on panning through the binocular, and found that the Vortex Viper had a shallower depth of field than my "go to" pair.  So in the beginning, I had difficulty locating birds using the Vipers.  Subsequently, I learned to rely more on my eyes to locate, and once sited, the binoculars to hone in on the bird.  This technique led to my appreciation of the Viper.  

While the depth of field was shallower than my standards, the Viper had a clear advantage in sharpness of image combined with superior contrast.  I have tried both the Viper 8x42 and 8x32 binoculars.  I bought the 32s because I preferred a wider FOV and also appreciated the compact size and reduction in weight.  

Having said that, if you can only own one pair of binoculars, you may find the 8x42 a better choice...brighter, wider aperture, easier on the eye.  A joy to use.  And although the FOV is narrower on the 8x42, depth of field is a tad better, the edge to edge clarity is a tad sharper.  

Regardless, the Vortex Viper is very hard to beat for the money, and certainly is a keeper, even if you decide to purchase an Alpha pair down the road.  Eagle Optics offers superior knowledge and service...simply put, they know their stuff.

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