Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Eagle Optics NEW Ranger ED 8x42 Binocular

From Randall in St. Petersburg, FL

5/5 Rating

Great binoculars!

I spend most of the year cruising my sailboat - both inshore and open ocean. I wanted a smaller set of glasses than the usual boating bins--heavy Fujinon Polaris 7x50 FMTRC-SX Binocular. My intention is to use the binocular both on the boat and ashore when hiking and exploring. Right out of the box, I was seriously impressed with the clarity, brightness, and sharp focus of the . The more I use them the more I appreciate these features.

On the water, I'm picking up distant detail that really surprises me. My Fujinon may always be in focus, but it just doesn't seem as crisp as these. The smaller size of the Ranger ED means they're more likely to be at hand when I need them. The 7x50 size brings in lots of light, hence the nickname, "night glasses." The  does a nice job of that as well, though the field of view is not as great, and of course, they don't have the built in compass. Still, for most situations they work quite well on the water.

Ashore, they are compact enough to keep in my backpack for when I need them, and have been a joy to use. They are sturdy and come with nice, attached lens caps. I have no reservations recommending them for boaters, or anyone else that needs a fine set of binoculars.

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