Monday, June 29, 2015

Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap

From David in Charleston, SC:

5/5 Rating

Great protection for valuable equipment!

As Director of an Environmental Education Center, I have a fleet of  and  for our birding classes. 

I replaced every single neck strap with a harness strap, and now I am confident in giving even 1st graders some good quality binoculars, knowing that, short of somersaulting on the beach, these binoculars are not going to be dropped, forgotten, or dragged in the sand.

None of the 25 s that I have used have failed on me, or shown significant wear and tear for the past 4 years. Once again, Eagle Optics sells a well-made, thoughtfully designed and effective product. Well done!

One caveat: In the last few years, EO has improved the product to include  to attach the harness to the binoculars without use of zip ties. BRAVO! This works (with some brute force) with Denali's, Shrikes, Rangers, and Ranger ED's.  However, please note that the strap attachment for the  is too narrow, so you have to resort to zip ties. They work, but are not the most elegant solution.

Eagle Optics, I encourage you to improve upon an already incredibly well designed system, to either widen the strap attachment for the Kingbird, or provide a grommeted fabric alternative to the zip ties that is narrow enough to work (I recognize that that may be impossible).

Eagle Optics replies: the connectors included with the harness strap are now made of a rubberized material which can be cut with a scissors to fit through narrower slots, like on the Kingbird. It no longer has grommets, so it is much easier to insert through the slot also.

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