Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ultra-Light Binocular Harness (Black)

From Kevin in Bethel, Alaksa:

5/5 Rating

Best Piece of Birding Gear I own

This  is easily the best piece of birding gear that I own, as far as it performing the function that it was made for and far exceeding similar products by miles.

A couple years ago, I accidentally stumbled across this harness on the internet and ordered a pair straight from the guy who makes them.  I am glad to see that they have made it to the Eagle Optics website and will be more accessible to the birding community.  It is truly a product that increases the enjoyment of birding because it removes many of the frustrations that a traditional harness causes. I recommend watching the video in the media tab as it covers the function of the harness very well and accurately describes its performance.

For me, the adjustability of the harness is the key feature.  I live on a river delta in bush Alaska, so I am in and out of boats constantly when birding.  The temperature in spring can range from freezing in the morning to t-shirt and shorts weather in the afternoon.  So, I am constantly adding and removing layers of clothing and a life jacket.  No matter what clothing combination I use, I can adjust the harness to fit ...PERFECTLY...(by myself) in about a second.  Also it's important to me to have the binos snug against me, as I handle ropes and an anchor and need to have the binos out of the way.  For most harnesses to be comfortable, they have to be very loose and the binoculars end up being insecure and swing around everywhere.  This harness solves that problem and you get comfortable and snug.

In addition to the many major advantages that this harness has (that are described in the video), another small perk, that is not mentioned in the video, is that the harness takes up so little space that I can stuff it in my bino case as well.  Very convent when traveling.

   Side Note: In addition to the harness, I use harness strap connectors to connect the bino to the harness (like the Vortex harness strap connectors that Eagle Optics also sell.)  They may not be nessasary, but I am extra protective about my bino lugs.  I  recommend getting two pairs of those; one pair for the harness and an extra strap to connect the rainguard to the binoculars.

In conclusion, when I first used this harness, I knew it was the future of binocular harnesses.  I recommend them to every birder I meet. Every birder I know that has gotten this harness are so happy they have one; from friends and family to river bird guides.  It's amazing to me that something so simple and inexpensive can improve the quality of birding so much.

Out of 5 stars I give it 6.

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