Monday, May 18, 2015

Swarovski PA-i5 Phone Adapter Kit for ATS/STS/ATM/STM

From B.K. in Kansas City:

5/5 Rating

A great accessory for a great optic

I wanted an adapter to attach my iPhone 5s to my Swarovski spotting scope.  I found the Swarovski adapter on the website of a major outdoor retailer, and went there to purchase one. The Swarovski adapter wasn't available, so they sold me an aftermarket/generic adapter that was awful (at best)!

Then, I searched online and came up with Eagle Optics.  I ordered the Swarovski adapter from Eagle, received in just a few days, and I am over-the-top happy with this adapter.

Beautifully engineered, extremely simple to use and perfectly efficient.  Two parts only...genius!!

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