Friday, March 13, 2015

Pentax Papilio 8.5x21 Binocular

From Norm in NY:

5/5 Rating

Great retirement binos

My wife and I, now being retired for some/several years (10x yrs.), were looking for a lightweight/compact binocular glass to be used only in/at our home's garden here, no need to always drag out the powerful full size Zeiss glasses every time to just be used at 50 feet or so for observing the local birds & butterflies.

In this particular regard (for close & medium range observation) the binoculars fill the bill perfectly. Light in weight & very compact in size they fit my wife's hand palm perfectly, she absolutely loves them, as well as do I.

Not equal to, or nearly up to the Zeiss glasses of course--no, not by any means. But still, a rather good serviceable glass.  Their near focus of 1.6 feet is a revelation! They really do come to focus at that distance. With an exit pupil of only some 2.4 mm one must be very careful to properly align/center your eyes directly/straight behind the eyepieces.

Not really an interior glass, they can however be used near a window or any door that allows sufficient light to enter the field of vision. The body/style/design of said glass is fragile; it must not ever be bumped, shaken or dropped. Under ordinary use and care I would estimate a 3-5 year life span might prove to be a realistic achievement.

Would I, after having given all of the caveats named of above, recommend them?  Yes, I would most certainly highly recommend them. But, they are never to be thought of as you're primary/sole pair of nature watching binoculars (too small, too delicate). They are to be used only as a supplemental pair.

 And this too: never for use by any over active child or children, not for use by themselves without proper adult supervision anyways! We here consider them to be the absolute ideal retirement couple's pair of garden binoculars. Tiny & lightweight, they offer much to the discerning and patient wildlife observer.

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