Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zeiss Victory 8x42 T* HT Binocular

From Peter in South Carolina:

5/5 Rating

Superior Optics

Looking through this Zeiss Victory 8x42 T* HT Binocular
is like watching an IMAX movie!  They are bright, crisp and will enhance your birding and wildlife viewing experience.

This binocular feels great in the hand. It is a good weight and has a good "feel," in that its not bulky. They are exceptionally bright. I'm a little color-bind, and the more light the better my ability to see reds and greens. They have a very good close-focus, and are well suited for quick transitions between birds at a distance and butterflies/dragonflies 6' away.

I've used them in a variety of circumstances and they seem to be quite "tough" and handle travel, getting banged around, and general hard use quite well. All in all, they are exceptional.

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