Friday, January 9, 2015

Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 Binocular

From Susan in Memphis, TN:

5/5 Rating

Highly recommended

I pushed my optics budget to purchase the and I'm very glad I did! I had read many reviews by experts and by experienced birders before ordering. These binoculars live up to the praise.

Straight out of the box I observed that color and detail are brilliant and crisp—and no color aberration! Darkish colored birds viewed at a distance in the shade of a tree did not get lost but to the contrary: they appeared as if they were spot-lit. During the past four months I've used the binoculars in a variety of situations: shore birding, in the woods, out the window, on sunny days, overcast days and in the rain. The optics are superb.

Regarding ease of use: I am a petite woman with small hands. Even after many hours in the field I have not experienced any hand or finger fatigue as I have with other roof prisms. The weight is well balanced. Focusing is fast and effortless. The binoculars are a pleasure to hold and feel great in the hands. Because I like holding them and enjoy using them, it seems as if I’m seeing a lot more birds!

If you’re worried about durability, there’s a funny yet horrifying video on YouTube of a man and Zeiss representatives trying to destroy a pair of these binoculars. You’re unlikely to shoot your pair or drag it behind a truck. I felt reassured that this expensive purchase will hold up perfectly to routine wear and tear.

The rain guard/ocular lens cover was no longer functional once I adjusted the inter-pupillary distance correctly.  The problem was easily solved with a very sharp knife: I sliced off the pointy parts. The lens covers are tricky to detach and can’t be attached with just one hand. That is my only criticism. The strap is very comfortable. The case is lightweight, well padded and appears to be well made.

I purchased from Eagle Optics because of their generous return policy and their support for birding organizations.

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