Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vanguard Spirit ED 10x50 Binocular

From Zach A. in the U.S.:

5/5 Rating

Great optics for a great price

I use these optics on a daily basis for work as a wildlife biologist.   The is great, and the size is comparable to 10x42 or 10x48 models that I have used before.

The neck strap is comfortable, the focus wheel is a little touchy but works just fine and the adjustable eye pieces are comfortable and provide an adequate field of view.  The lifetime warranty is a great bonus knowing that I will undoubtedly damage this pair at some point during their lifetime, being that I'm in the field every day. 

The only point of contention, albeit minor, is the close focus range.  The website/specs said 3ft, which I doubted from the moment I read it, so I wasn't surprised or annoyed to find it was not the case.  My rough approximation is that the close focus range is more like 6-8 ft, which is still great!

Simply put, the are the nicest pair of optics I have ever used, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of optics to last a long time at a great price.  WELL DONE Vanguard and Eagle!!!

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