Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vortex Solo 8x36 Monocular

From Earl D. in Westerville, OH:

5/5 Rating

This is a very good monocular for the money

I also own two 8x25 Vortex Solo Monocular, but I like this one better.    The gives you a bigger field of view and a brighter image.  

I like the metal clip.   When I am working outdoors I can slip the monocular on my belt.  This give me both hands free without having the monocular swinging around on a neck or wrist strap.

Every Solo Monocular I've owned has a stiff focus wheel, but they do loosen up with use.  
And it only takes a quarter turn to go from close to far.  

For me, I only use a monocular in special situations.    I keep one in each car's glove box.  I always take my 8x36 Solo in my gear bag.

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