Monday, September 22, 2014

Leica Televid 65mm Angled Case

From Virginia in Corvallis, OR:

5/5 Rating

Definitely a quality item

I'd resisted spending the money for the for my Leica scope I bought two years ago, but am glad I finally did. It was especially appreciated on a recent field trip in a shared van with no secure spot for optical equipment.

The case seemed too tight when I first put it on the scope, but the snugness no doubt contributes to the protective qualities.  It doesn't obstruct the viewing or the focusing knobs at all, and the flaps for the eyepiece and scope end are easy to take off and put on. The only problem I had was with changing the angle of the scope but I suspect that was "operator error."

It's definitely a quality item, as one would expect from Leica.

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