Friday, September 12, 2014

Eagle Optics NEW Ranger ED 8x42 Binocular

From Deb N. in Ann Arbor, MI:

5/5 Rating

Love these binoculars!!

I purchased this about a month ago, and am totally happy with it so far.  I ordered them from Eagle Optics online and received it about two days later, so very fast turn-around for shipping!
Before purchasing, I researched what type of binoculars were recommended for birding, and similar activities, and found I was quite a novice on the subject!  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website was a great help, contained reviews with a wealth of general information, as well as breaking down the recommendations by price range - very useful overall.

For me, the standout in my price range was the Eagle Optics 8x42 Ranger, and everywhere else I researched I found positive feedback also.  The is a step up from the one I saw reviewed, and after using them for a month I am happy with my choice.

They are sharp, easy to use, very comfortable to hold, not too heavy, work well in lower light, and with my glasses.  The strap is very soft and comfortable around my neck, and I love that they come with both front and back lens covers, and a carrying case.

I believe these are binoculars I can use for a very long time without feeling I need to upgrade, and that makes me very happy!

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