Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vortex Impact

5/5 Rating

The Vortex Impact spotting scope fits the bill for a compact range scope that clearly identifies hits from small to large caliber rounds at 100 yards. I have been able to clearly see hits on standard paper and hi-viz targets at the 25x, 50x and 75x settings. The 25x and 50x setting are razor sharp and the 75x seting produces a slightly less crisp image as expected. Focusing is easy and the supplied tripod is servicable, but a bit more stability would be an improvement. The tripod IS NOT a reason to be concerned about or downgrade the scope's performance.

I had no issues with it recently at the Jersey Shore watching a pair of Ospreys in their nest from about 400 (+/-) yards. Great images at all power settings. It will be used this fall hunting, but it's primary role will be at the range. It is well suited for that task, and fits nicely in my range bag! I would highly recommend this scope. PS, the customer service at Eagle Optics and Vortex Optics has been outstanding.

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