Monday, October 11, 2010

Nikon Monarch 10x42

3/5 Rating

I wanted to like these binos which I've owned for 6 years. Good optics, the lightest weight, good price. Unfortunately their eyepieces are their downfall. Fine if you wear glasses and don't need to use them. From day one the left eye piece slipped. Unfortunately I was in Costa Rica when I discovered this. After about 4-5 months getting sick of propping it up with a finger and paying for shipping both ways to Nikon, they were returned with a little glue. That lasted about a year. Now the right eye piece has failed completely. It appears a thin piece of plastic on the internal screw in device has broken. By the way, Eagle was of little help with the eyepiece problem that came from them. They just told me to ship them to Nikon. My feeling is they should have been exchanged either by Eagle or Nikon.

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