Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nikon Action Extreme 12x50

5/5 Rating

After a lot of research I decided on these Nikons for Astronomy but couldn't find them in any local brick and mortar shop so gave Eagle Optics a call. I wanted a reputable on-line store in case I ran into any issues. Ben Lizdas volunteered to inspect them before shipment and I'm pleased to share they arrived in great shape and perform even better than I hoped.
The image is crisp well out to 70% of the FOV and actually remains quite acceptable right up to the edge before things get squishy. I really wanted to be able to wear my glasses while observing. The 16mm eye relief is perfect. I have no problem taking in the entire FOV with my glasses on.
Really, the only complaint were the rather cheap lens caps and eyepiece covers. The lens caps are recessed which snap inside the objective cavity, very close to the objectives. The one-piece eyepiece cover is quite tight which can alter your diopter setting while tugging them to remove.
But those are small nits. The Nikon AE is an excellent choice in this class of binocular. Recommended.

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