Friday, August 6, 2010

Vortex Raptor

After a call to Eagle Optics for a recommendation on which binoculars to purchase for our Education Outreach programs to area school kids (mainly 4th grade and up), we ordered the Vortex Raptor 6.5 x 32 binoculars on a Wednesday afternoon. By Saturday afternoon they were on our doorstep!

My husband and I are thrilled with these binoculars, designed specifically with Young Birders in mind. The optics are sharp, the bins are lightweight, and the eyepieces and binocular body are just right for smaller faces and hands. However, any small adult beginning birder wanting a lightweight alternative would find them perfectly serviceable as well.

Thanks to Eagle Optics and to Vortex for providing exactly what we need to "grow" some young birders at a price we could afford for the program. After a year of use, we will send feedback on how well the Raptors stand up to field use by lots of eager hands.

Patsy, Treasurer and Education Outreach Committee
San Antonio Audubon Society

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