Monday, August 23, 2010

No more mosquitoes!

I live along the Mississippi river in Winona, MN where mosquitoes can be unbelievable! Before we had the ThermaCell they drove us off the river numerous times. Now we just turn on the ThermaCell and they just seem to disappear (after about 10 minutes)!

In regards to IF a ThermaCell works: I now own 3 of them! One for the front of the boat, one for the back and one for the porch!

My wife has a very sensitive nose, and she does not find the smell from the unit fact most of the time you can't smell it at all. The darn thing works like a charm!

One tip: To light the unit, hold it straight up and down. There is a small window in the top of the unit and you can look in it and see a small orange glow when it is lit.

Also, buy the holster to hold extra gas cartridges and pads.

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