Friday, August 13, 2010

Nikon Monarch 10x36

I own several mid-price pairs of binoculars, but all are 8x. So I wanted a decent 10X, and I found the Nikon Monarch 10x36. I've nothing to complain about; these are very nice binos for the price. And with 36mm objectives they are surprisingly light and compact, which is what I was looking for. Field of Vision is also very good for a 10x at 6 degrees, so aiming these binos at small birds in the forest is not a problem. I've looked through some very high priced binos like the Leica Ultravids 10x42 (pried away from friends for 15 seconds at a time), but the prices on Leicas are way out of my league. I'm pleased at how good most mid-priced binos really are!
My only real irritation with the Nikon Monarch ATB 10x36 is the small Depth of Focus; it really does take a fine touch to focus these well. But again this in NOT a premium price bino. So, overall, I'm very pleased with this pair of Nikons. They produce good quality images, are very compact and lightweight, armored and waterproof. What's not to like?

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