Monday, August 2, 2010

Meopta Meostar 8x32

First the bad news. The first pair I received had an obvious cloudy spot in the right ocular so I returned them. The second pair looked perfect out of the box and I began to test them. After a few minutes the image began to get cloudy and obscured. When I removed them from my eyes I realized that my eyeglasses were covered with grease. The culprit was the eyecups on the binoculars. They were saturated with the lubricant used to grease the eye cups. In addition, the tethered objective covers were useless! They were too big and fell off whenever the binoculars were in the vertical position. The center hinge was stiff and jerky making precise adjustment difficult. As stated earlier, I wear glasses when using binoculars and Meopta’s 15.4 mm of eye relief was not adequate for me. The supplied wool case is an oddly designed accessory that felt old and out of place with a modern optical instrument. Needless to say I was disappointed and returned the second pair.
On a positive note the view was bright, sharp and contrasty with very little chromatic aberration. The sweet spot was large, perhaps 80% of the large field of view. As is the case with all 8x32’s I’ve tried the depth of field was narrow and required frequent focus adjustment. The shape of these binoculars felt a little unusual at first but they are comfortable to hold and they are light.
I compared the Meopta’s to the Pentax 8x32 DCF SP and I kept the Pentax. The optical performance was excellent for both, actually to close to call. What tipped the scales was the fit and finish of the Pentax which just inspired confidence in a well built instrument. At the $800.00 price point I feel the Meopta's are overpriced. The Meopta Meostar 8x32 binocular is a good design that still needs refinement and Meopta needs to exercise better quality control.

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  1. I've had a pair of 7x42 MeoStar binoculars for years and these are equal to the best that Swaro, Leica and Zeiss offer. This reviewer seems a little suspect.


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