Friday, August 20, 2010

Leica 8x32 Ultravid HD

From Scott in Colorado. I have owned many binoculars in the past. The Leica 8x32 HD binoculars are the best of the best. The Swarovskis are a very close second. I've used the Swarovski 8x32 this year on a brown bear hunt before I purchased the Leicas. For me size and weight put the Leicas ahead of the Swarovskis ELs. Once you own a pair of Leicas you will never buy anything else.


  1. The earlier Leica 8x32 Ultravids were marvelous binoculars. I just wish they (and the current HD version) had enough eye relief for use with eyeglasses. I can't see the entire field with my glasses on. Something to consider if you wear glasses.

  2. The Birdwatchers Digest a few months ago reviewed high end binos. The Bushnell Elite was rated 46, two below the top bino at 49. The top two cost over $1,800 as does the above Leica. The Bushnell sold for $800 at the time; I just bought a new pair on eBay for $400!! 80% cheaper and essentially the same by their tests.


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