Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vortex Viper 6x32

From Christopher in Australia:

Years ago, my first pair of binoculars was a pair of standard 6x30 porro prism binoculars that came to me in a shoebox - in pieces. After head scratching and hours of torture I began using them and did all the standard things that people with more powerful and expensive bins do - Moons of Jupiter, albatross at sea miles away and lots of local birds. I eventually moved on to a very fine pair of Leica binoculars built with the same ethos which was utility combined with ruggedness. Recently I bought myself a pair of 6x32 Vortex Vipers. They are sharp, with fine abilities when pointed towards bright lights. They are now a permanent fixture when biking and they take to bicycle crashes with a vengeance. They are also nice to use in a rocking boat. Low magnification and a sharp image is a huge plus when I get off the bike puffing and use these bins to look at wildlife. My idea was I needed less magnification, not more and these little gems fill the bill exceptionally well. I was prepared to put up with a loss of quality in many areas to fill a need but I need not have worried. These are not merely good binoculars. They are extremely useful binoculars. 6X is cool.

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