Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zeiss 8x20 monocular

From Ben in Ohio:

This monocular in my opinion, after having owned it several years, is not anywhere near worth its asking price. It is good, but not great. Pros: lightweight, relatively sharp resolution edge to edge, durable and compact. Cons: very slow focus, have to twist it many times to go from far to close focus, I usually had to start twisting before I brought it up to my eye and keep twisting afterwards. Not even close to having its purported eye relief, I couldn't get satisfactory field of view with glasses on, so it was difficult to get on a target. The lubrication for the focus would leak out a bit around the edge of the eyepiece lens, messy. Not very bright or color rich view even in good lighting (compared to my new leica monovid). Not waterproof. So, this little guy has a lot of room for improvement. My main complaint was lack of eye relief.

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  1. This (8x20 Zeiss) monocular is excellent. I have read Ben’s opinion about this item both here and in other reviews on similar websites, and feel his perspective is wrong. The ‘slow focus’ which he talks about is nothing in comparison to other brands (they’re all similar - they have to be in order to be in the same price point and caliber, etc). The reason he could not get the eye relief perfect with his glasses is because he most likely was uniformed about folding the rubber eyecups down, in order to bring them closer to the glasses lens.
    I can’t comment on the leaking lubrication, but there could be many reasons for this. Not a big deal.
    This monocular being ‘not very bright or color rich view even in good lighting’ is just poppycock. These are ZEISS optics - the best there is.

    My monocular has been used in many situations (undercover police surveillance and much such) and is a wonderful piece of equipment, and exactly as one would expect from Carl Zeiss.


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