Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nikon 7x35 Action binocular

From Mike in Michigan:

These binoculars have been a joy to use. I bought them on the fly as "get me by" binoculars until I "shopped harder" and upgraded - but as I have used them in a variety of conditions I have come to love them. Primary use is birding in wooded settings - looking in trees - and focusing through thickets.

Why do I love them?
1. They are compact and feel good and solid in my hands.
2. The focus knob is smooth like butter. You can get where you need quickly yet the knob is so smooth that precise focusing is still EASY (and actually pleasurable).
3. Depth of field: there is so much depth of field with these that you will be in focus in a deep range of view - which is great for scanning trees front to back. This is a function of the lower magnification and quality of the optics.
4. Field of view: is very wide - you do not feel like you are looking through holes. Great for finding birds.
5. Brightness/clarity: crisp bright images - there is no dimming to remind you that you are looking through binoculars.

You don't really ever feel like you are looking through binoculars - and it isn't even like you have zoom vision either - it is actually just like BEING CLOSER. This makes the binoculars invisible to your viewing experience and this is what you want - so you can pay attention to what you are looking at and not what is in your hands.

For the price, this binocular is amazing. I don't feel myself wanting for more binocular at all. You might disagree, but if you do you didn't waste much money in purchasing them. Nikon is a really good brand with a global presence which gives them an economy of scale - they are big enough to offer products like this at such reasonable prices. You really con't go wrong.

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