Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Minox BV 8x25 BRW

From Heather in North Carolina:

I purchased the Minox BV 8x25 BRW binocular for a recent trip I made to the Bahamas. I wanted a compact pair of binoculars that would be convenient for travel and also be good for birding. These binoculars were just the ticket! They were compact enough for me to easily carry in my purse and I was able to clearly see and identify birds in natural settings, just as I had hoped. I would definitely recommend this product to traveling birders.


  1. I am a causal birder and I've been using this compact Minox for nearly a year. It has a 119m@1000m FOV, which I think is very good for an 8x compact. The 15.5mm eye relief is ok for me, but would be much better if it could be about 17mm(I wear glasses). Focusing is ultra fast (for me I can go from the neareast to infinity in just about half a turn!) I've compared a few other 8x25 compacts with the Minox and I find out the Minox has the least glare problem, very good! The Minox BV 8x25 has a 2nd generation design which is black in colour, but I myself still prefer this lovely green one! Another thing suprised me is that you still get a nice well-padded strap, for such a lightweight, compact bino!

    However one thing I don't like is, the lid for tripod mount comes loose very easily. Since for me it's never necessary to fix this small bino onto a tripod so I glued down the lid permanently shortly I've bought it.

  2. I just bought my Minox BV 8x25 2 weeks ago and i love it! it gives you natural color, vivid, crisp but the only downside is not so useful at dusk and lowlight. but the opposite in broad daylight it's amazing pair of binoculars! I was hoping to buy the bigger one 8x42 but short on budget but overall I love this little binos.


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