Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EL Swarovision 10x42

From Clay in Vermont:

Without qualification, the finest binoculars I have ever owned. I wanted just a bit more power than my Swarovski 8.5x42's – particularly for working over fields and open water. Hesitated stepping up to the Swarovision 10X42's mainly because of the price, but found Eagle Optics staff encouraging with their answers and I finally "took the plunge". From the moment I put them up to my eyes for the first time - and through several extended field trips - I have had absolutely no regrets. Without qualification, the finest binoculars I have ever used – bar none. Excellent ergonomics. Superb resolution and amazing color. Just one small suggestion. Swarovski continues to ship world class binoculars with (IMHO) binocular cases totally impractical for hard field work. Plan on investing in a case that will adequately protect your investment. I find the well constructed (and padded) Vortex Viper 50mm Binocular Case (yes, 50 mm) an excellent alternative for both my Swarovski 8.5x42's and Swarovision 10X42's. All the other accessories work fine!

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