Friday, May 21, 2010

Wandering Tattler Tripod Backpack

From Kevin in Michigan:

If you've ever been to Point Mouillee, Michigan in late summer for the shorebirding, it'd probably be helpful to have this. It's a long, hot hike so many people prefer to bike this wide expanse of marshland dikes, but biking with a scope and tripod takes balancing skill and lots of patience. With the tri-pak you can easily transport your scope and tripod, as well as anything you can fit in the zippered pocket (a box of CheezIts, for example) to any location. Your hands are free to grip and maneuver the handle bars of a bike, or to stop and scan with your binoculars instead of awkwardly jostling with your tripod. All the while, your scope is safely (and somewhat comfortably) strapped to your back. I highly recommend the Wandering Tattler Tri-Pak for anyone wanting to go shorebirding on a bike in a limited-access game area, or doing any birding that requires a lot of ground covering for that matter. It's easy to secure to any tripod, and there aren't a lot of annoying straps flapping in the wind or trailing on the ground.

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