Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vortex Diamondback 8.5x50

From Justin in Texas
Subject: An excellent binocular for low light.

I have used this Diamondback in testing, to see if it was for me. I ended up returning it due to my very narrow IPD of 59 compared to the minimum of 60 with this binocular. What I found was that this binocular was the brightest I have seen to date. I was totally amazed at how much difference there was between this one and my 8x42 Bushnell. If you need a low light binocular, this one fits the bill. I found resolution to be excellent. Better than the Bushnell Legend roof. Also there is a large "sweet spot" of around 75% and the fall off to the edges is not pronounced, but subtle. The focus was smooth with no discernible play in it. The diopter adjustment was smooth and stiff enough to keep the setting in place after adjustment. Fit and finish was excellent. The coatings were also excellent, with no apparent flaws in any of them. Overall this is an excellent binocular and should serve well for hunters.

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