Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nikon Fieldscope 50

From Sarah in Michigan:

I received it, tried it out in the field, and am returning it. I am a first-time owner of a scope, and I definitely want another scope, but perhaps not this one. The optics quality is AMAZING, the focus knob was fine, and the zoom adequate. However, to quote Cape May's review on Feather Edge: It will not take the place of a larger, tougher primary scope that most birders use every weekend for scanning through heat shimmer and shorebird flocks at Brig or migrating seabirds at the Avalon Sea Watch. Because of this, I am returning this in favor of a larger 60 mm scope in the same series. I would highly recommend this for a birding traveler, or to someone with another scope who needs a smaller, lighter one. If I become a birder such as the latter, I may purchase it again.

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