Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

From RFG in Texas:
Well, Bushnell should not have named this a Legend. It's not, It's a less than adequate binocular frame with superb optics. Let me explain. The original Legend has great balance, sure handling and was built very very solid. This new one could be a $100 binocular if not for the $600 worth of ED glass. The eyecups are pinchy, the hinge is floppy and the lock on the diopter puts out a "clack" loud enough to send game fleeing. As a Legend fan, I am disappointed. But I will admit the optics are sweet. I finally found a cheap binocular as bright as my Zeiss. The detail and colors are above anything in this price range. I guess it's a really good product, but for handling and durability, the old legend is still the one for the money. Bushnell....why didn't you just put ED glass in your old frame??

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  1. because then you couldnt afford it, or would have bought something else in the higher price range it would command.


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