Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zeiss Conquest 8x30

From a customer in Houston, Texas:

Took a chance on these. I was not disappointed. I purchased these and compared them against what I already owned: a Monarch ATB and a Kowa BD. I reviewed both of these earlier, the Monarch is a pleasure to use, and the Kowa's optics are crisp with true colors. The Zeiss Conquest seem to have the best features of both pair.

They are very easy to use, and very easy to re-focus on changing subjects. The crispness and detail surpases even the Kowas. They are the smallest pair of the 3 yet still have the best image. I like the eyepieces also, they extend out to fit well, keeping stray light of out the peripheral vision. I got used to the green of Nikons and Kowas, so I don't like the black so much, but what a wonderful pair they are. Amazing for the size and weight, so much better than trying to deal with a true compact pair which would be just 1 size smaller. These will truly spoil you with small size, ease of use and excellent image.

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