Friday, April 30, 2010

Leica 12x50 Ultravid HD

I purchased these binoculars for hunting and bird watching. I am not disappointed. These are the finest binoculars I have ever owned. For hunting, the ability to resolve detail at great distances is remarkable. I can see and detail big game at very long distances and while sitting can decide weather or not to attempt a stalk. With a mile or more separating me and a bull elk, mule deer, moose or sheep I know what he will score before I even leave my viewing perch. I don’t waste any time gathering more information by trying to get closer to see how big an animal is. I can make that determination from my original glassing spot. No chance of bumping other animals while trying to get closer to see if it is truly a trophy size animal. These binoculars are the best in the world and have no competition. I have used them all, and own all the big names in optics. Forget the rest and buy the best, purchase a Leica HD and you will not be disappointed.

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