Monday, April 26, 2010

Brunton Epoch 8.5x43 binocular

From Brock in North Dakota:

Right out of the box you can see and feel that these binoculars will stand up to anything to which any reasonable person will subject them. And if the unreasonable happens, Brunton's warranty will cover it. A leather carrier for your belt and a leather case that will hold the belt carrier and the binoculars ensure your binoculars are well protected. Unlike other binoculars I've had the lens covers for these do a good job of staying on the lenses, meaning you won't spend time trying to find them after they fall off. And the hinged feature is very nice, allowing you to leave the covers on at all times.

But binoculars are really all about the optics. The optics are great. I've always been satisfied, even impressed, with the light gathering qualities of my Leupold rifle scopes and binoculars. Comparing the Brunton's side-by-side my Leupold 8x in low light conditions, the Bruton's won. It wasn't by much and most times it probably wouldn't matter. But there are times the edge will matter. And I got a good look at the full moon that night with them.

Using both under good light conditions to glass the country and to check out birds, both in the open and in woods, the Brunton's picked out details first, which I was then able to see with the Leupold's. I switched back and forth between which one I used first to look at something. Even when I used the Leupold's first the Brunton's picked out more small details first.

Given Eagle Optics price for the Brunton's I don't think you can get a better value in binoculars. Definitely a lot of bang for your bucks here. Now I'm looking seriously at getting a Brunton spotting scope from Eagle Optics to replace my old Nikons.

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