Thursday, April 8, 2010

Atlas Optics Sky King 8x42 binocular

From Tim in Tennessee:

The Atlas Optics lineup is full of great binoculars, and these Sky Kings are no exception. The first thing I was impressed by was the construction - magnesium chassis, BAK4 glass, dielectric coated prisms, etc. You normally have to spend $800+ to get those features. The binoculars just feel like a quality instrument. Optically, the first thing that hit me was the edge-to-edge image flatness and clarity - probably the center 75% is clear and with no chromatic aberration - impressive for binoculars in this price range. The center-of-view sharpness is good, but not on par with the AO Intrepids. The only two "issues" I have with the Sky Kings are the lack of brightness (not bad, but I expected more) and the yellow color bias (again, not bad, but I expected them to be more neutral). Overall though, these are very nice binoculars and, like the rest of the Atlas line, a bargain at $199.

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