Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Manfrotto 7301YB tripod review

I bought this tripod to replace a 25-year-old Leitz Tiltall tripod that weighs 6.7 lbs. I was doubtful that a 3.7 lb tripod (this one) with a modest price tag could be as sturdy as the heavy one, but the sales rep at Eagle Optics assured me that it was as sturdy as heavier ones, so I tried it, and it is as sturdy as my old one. It's very easy to carry (in the supplied case, it is smaller than my scope and about the same weight) and set up, and appears to be well made. The only minus is its maximum height, 56". I use it with a spotting scope with a 45 degree eyepiece, so it does not have to be as high as it would for a straight scope, but if I were taller (I'm 5'8") it would be hard to look at birds near the tops or nearby trees without stooping.

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