Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eagle Optics Raven 6.5x32

From Mike in Texas:

I bought the Raven as a car binocular.

I will say in recent years the quality of inexpensive porro-prism binoculars has been improving by leaps and bounds. Much serious thought has obviously gone into these latest designs.

It used to be not uncommon to come across optically decent inexpensive binoculars, but they were typically fragile enough that they would tend to break or get out of collimation even with careful handling.

Not so this latest generation of designs. Based upon my experience with the generally similarly-constructed Leupold Yosemite 8x30's, I would predict that these Ravens will withstand considerable rough handling in the field.

They are not merely good for the price, I believe they'd be pretty good at any price. The edge to edge focus and depth of field are very good, and the clarity is good enough to make even muted olive tones and dull wingbars stand out.

7x is my preferred power, but these 6.5x Ravens are close enough.

I'm gonna give 'em five stars.

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