Monday, October 26, 2009

Kowa TSN-601 60mm Angled Spotting Scope

From Doug in New Jersey:

You don't need to break the Bank to enjoy Birding with a Spotting Scope!
Rating: 5 (of 5)

For any serious birdwatcher that can use binoculars but wants to have a better view that's more comfortable, a Spotting Scope is the answer. Just like binoculars, there are many brands are out there to choose from. You can spend very little to a couple thousand dollars.

With respect to Spotting Scopes, the Kowa TSN-601 gives you a lot for your money without you needing to hide the receipt. The optics are excellent and it features easy point and focus with a variety of Kowa eyepieces to choose from. It's sturdy in construction, which is a plus both on and off the trail. You can use either a tripod or monopod without needing to think if the scope is too heavy or cumbersome. Best of all with this kind of quality in optics product, you know that you will be using and enjoying it for years to come...

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