Saturday, July 12, 2014

Celestron Granite ED 9x33 Binocular

From J.D in Dallas, TX:

5/5 Rating

Superb safari tool

I purchased the for our safari to the African Serengeti. Over the course of two weeks safari, the Granite proved to be a great binocular.

The Granite is lightweight, compact, quick to deploy and provides remarkable optical clarity in all light conditions.

On several occasions I looked up from the lenses expecting to see the animals I was viewing nearby, only to discover that they were a half-mile downrange!

This product compares very favorably with products costing three times more (I got to sample a few of our companions' binoculars).

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eagle Optics Energy Moon 8x21 Binocular (Blue)

From Mike in North Salt Lake:

4/5 Rating

Very nice

These are small, light (under 6 ounces on my postal scale) and easy to operate. 

I wanted a pair of binoculars that I would not mind leaving in a motel room when they were not needed, and one I could let the nieces and nephews use when they visit.  These fit my needs and will probably become my primary hiking binoculars. 

They will not match the performance of my Zeiss binoculars in receding light but I did not expect that they would.  I have another pair on order.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eagle Optics Ranger 8x42 Binocular

From M.K. in Illinois:

5/5 Rating

Wow! Really happy with purchase

We have been using our new binoculars for almost a month now - mainly for birding, butterflies and wildlife.  The was a huge upgrade from the binoculars we had been using.

We have no regrets with this purchase.  Binoculars are lightweight, comfortable grip, super smooth fast focus and crisp clear bright viewing.  Exactly what we were looking for. 

Customer service was outstanding.  We called with a few questions before purchasing online and received friendly knowledgeable service.  Shipping was speedy too! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kowa Genesis 8.5x44 Binocular

From Robert P. in Marietta, GA:

5/5 Rating

How can it get better than this?

I have two mid-range binoculars that I use for backyard birdwatching: Nikon Monarch 3's and MINOX BL's. Both very nice.

I'd heard Kowa made excellent product. Their corporate website makes them seem like the sort of geeky, engineering-driven company that I'd prefer to do business with for optics. No flash, no advertising forays into how cool I'd become if I owned their gear, just descriptions, and explanations.

I saw the demo available at a bargain price, so I sent my brother over to the Eagle Optics store for a quick field test. He reported that they compared very favorably to some of the $(4-figure) products they had available in the display case, so I went ahead and bought them (30 days to return if my brother was mistaken so how could I go wrong?)

He wasn't wrong - these are in another league entirely compared to what I was used to. Just by luck I had the opportunity to visit the store & repeat his test against the top-price units. Oh, yes sir, I conclude that these are near-perfect in every way that matters.
I saw the come up as demos on the website shortly thereafter, so I bought those, too. My wife even agreed that was a good idea - and it's not like we have vast amounts of disposable income - so in a way, these binoculars promote marital harmony in addition to their jaw-dropping price/performance ratio. Nice!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Zeiss Victory 8x42 T* HT Binocular

From David D. Iin PA:

5/5 Rating

Great bins

I have used a very serviceable porro prism Bausch & Lomb 7x35 Discover for over 30 years.  I tried many other bins over the years, but never felt the difference was so great that I needed to upgrade (okay, I'm also a very frugal upstate NY'er, too). However, this spring, after using my wife's Zeiss Conquest 8 x 30, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Couldn't be happier with my new . Extremely sharp optics, and great light gathering for evening bird watching such as wood thrushes.

The focus wheel is nicely calibrated and holds focus perfectly. Very ergonomic fit with my hands, so no fatigue even when training the bins on a bird for several minutes. Great bins!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kowa > Kowa BD 8x42 Binocular (Green)

From Linda H. in Los Lunas, NM:

5/5 Rating

Totally satisfied

I have had several pairs of binoculars for birding in the past, but this surpasses the sharpness and comfort of any of them. 

They are comfortable with the neck strap, and not at all heavy. Color and details of birds near and far are exceptional.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to birders of all skill levels.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bushnell Elite 7x26 Custom Compact Binocular.

From Jay in Nevada:

5/5 Rating

Value-packed compact

The are a good value, and show what a quality-focused effort can get out of a compact ‘reverse Porro’ binocular: a durable, capable product that acts like a bigger binocular.

I inherited a pair of one of Bushnell’s best compacts from a generation or two ago – the 6x25 Custom Compact - from a relative who’d worn the pebbled leather exterior smooth or through down to metal, over decades of camping, hikes and hunts.  The 60 year old version with simple coatings are extremely sharp with a nice 8° field of view, and pretty bright for 25mm thanks to the low 6x power.  They are a great cargo pocket or vest pocket binocular and don’t take up much space or add much weight in a daypack.  After using those for my own hikes, backyard nature and even astronomy when traveling light, I sought out a pair of the newest version: the .

These latest 7x26 keep all the good things about the old 6x25 Custom Compact, and add many upgrades:  longer eye relief and better adjustments for eyecup height and diopter; an more protected internal focus system; multi-coatings; a higher degree of weather resistance; a more comfortable neck strap arrangement; near focus about twice as close as the old 6x25; and a higher quality, more secure and functional case. 

The 7x26 keeps the same about 50° apparent field of view as the older 6x25. I find the 7x and 7° field of view combination to be comfortable and not seem restrictive, since edge sharpness is good, and 7 degrees allows for easy location or following.  The rubber surface of the 7x26 reminds me of the non-HD Bushnell Legend roofs that are ergonomic and comfortable. 

The shows enough to be interesting in the night sky and does very well in daytime, even in low contrast daytime use.  Colors are vibrant looking into shade or backlight.  The ~ 7 foot close focus gets to where you see flower or insect details beyond the unaided eye.

These are a good candidate for the binocular that you can always bring along, and they won’t make you wish you’d brought something heavier.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pentax PCF WP II 10x50 Binocular

From Cookie in northern Illinois:

5/5 Rating


I did a whole lot of research and decided on these  for backyard astronomy and birdwatching. Ordered them early afternoon on Friday and received them just over 24 hours later with regular FedEx Ground.

When I looked through them I was amazed at the color and clarity. Just the right size, glad I didn't order the smaller ones. Very satisfied!